Hello Old Friend

It has been awhile since I’ve made a post on my WordPress blog and I’ve begun to worry about “True Stories” becoming a total failure.  But the visitor from several weeks ago has not returned like he said he would.

On the night of his visit his stay was brief.   When he left I watched him walk down the street for awhile. His bare feet splash in a few mud puddles until he got underneath the street light, where its hazy glow shined momentarily on his head, before he disappeared into the fog.

I am reluctant at this time to tell his real name.  For now, he will be called Martin.  He told me he was a gift.  But he seems more like a curse.  I’ve been waiting for him to come back, but so far he hasn’t.  Or has he.

Once I thought I saw him standing by the butcher’s counter in Safeway.  When I walked toward him he moved off and I saw him again by the pet food.  I tried to follow him.  But when I walked to the front of the store  store by the cash registers, he went out the door. I’m not really sure it was him.

But more recently something extraordinary has happened.  Just last Tuesday my wife complained about some  kid hanging around in front of the house.   “At first I didn’t think anything of it,” she said.  “but I’ve seen him there for three days straight and I’m wondering what the hell he is doing there.  He looks rather creepy.  Yesterday, I was polite and when I asked if I could do anything for him.  He just shook his head no and left through the alley way between the two houses across the street.   I want a gun, Tim.   A big one.  A .357.  I want a .357.  I think he is casing the house.”

“I only have a .22 Ruger Mark II,” I told her.  “The Mark II is a semi-automatic pistol with a 10 shot clip.  At close range, multiple shots in the face and shoulders, it should draw a lot of blood.”

I can’t be sure the kid she was talking about is the same one who visited in the middle of the night.  But that is my thinking.  He maybe scary.  But I’m pretty sure he is harmless.


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