Introduction to True Stories


I have decided to move my creative writing efforts from Facebook posts and notes to a WordPress blog.  I have given my blog site the name “True Stories,” which some may feel think is just a cheap ploy merely designed to encourage the suspension of disbelief in my readers.  But I am a seeker of truth, and my stories reflect my journey.

I am a fortunate writer.  I get to write what I want to write.   In “True Stories” no one gets to tell me what to say or how to say it, and I can break all the rules, even those of my own imposition.    Consequently the first blog ( once I have completed my little introduction here) is not a story at all; it is an essay about my first experience with the Beatles way back in 1964.  It is the type of essay called a memoir. However, I was not even three years old in 1964, and memories from way back then are sketchy and unreliable.

I’ve come to realize that memoirs fit under the heading “True Stories” just fine, for essays are fact-based accounts of something that actually happened.  A memoir is in other words a true story. Consequently I am not breaking the rules of my own blog.


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